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Learn About Our Suppliers

Local, Ethical, Sustainable - Supporting our local suppliers

We have a passion for local and sustainable products. We are determined to bring you the best value in locally sourced, fresh produce with minimal food miles, so you’ll always be able to find something that appeals to you and better still we can deliver right to your door nearly every day of the year.

Our customers feedback is valuable to us and we listen. We dropped plastic bags and replaced them with traditional heavy-duty paper bags. We added more items to our deliveries and we also extended our products to ensure that we support our farmers, local producers, and artisan food suppliers. We pride ourselves on ensuring that people are informed of food miles, the benefits of sourcing local and more importantly, the fundamental importance of having a local store and post office is to the community. 


Riverside Game

Local Venison, Pheasant, Partridge, Wild Duck and all other seasonal game including rabbit and grouse are available to order. All sourced within 10 miles of our shop. Wild game is highly nutritious, tasty and an alternative to your traditional Sunday roast or mid-week dinner. 

Why not download our order form and try some for yourself. 

Alder Vineyard

Award Winning English Wines

Set in the heart of Devon, only 2 miles from our village stores, Alder wine is an award-winning English wine.

Our Rondo 2018, is a single variety medium dry rosé. Our juicy Rondo grapes create its unique deep colour and punchy tones of summer berries.

The Madeleine Angevine is a treat for your tastebuds. A beautifully crisp, single variety wine from our 2018 harvest. The vines lapped up the wonderful Devon sunshine and filled each bottle with fruity overtones of melon, apple, and gooseberry. 


Fish - Friday

Fresh fish on Friday - Landed at Newlyn Thursday morning and with us by Thursday evening where we complete the orders for collection on Friday/Saturday, you cannot beat that for freshness.

We chose to use Wing of St Mawes Cornish fish merchants simply because they are local and have a fantastic reputation for their fish stocks.

Our fish on Friday has been a huge success, and as with all our products, are seasonal catches.

Why not download our order form and try some for yourself. 

Taw River Dairy
Proper Jersey Cow Milk

It comes in a bottle!!!

We are really proud of Sam & Katie and their products

Tucked away in the heart of rural Devon is Taw River Dairy, owned and run by Sam and Katie, a passionate, young couple with a love for animals and the countryside and a passion for natural farming that produces top-quality dairy!

Golden Creamy Jersey Milk

A completely grass-fed diet not only keeps our cows happy but also produces better quality milk for you! Their rich diet produces the best tasting, golden cream topped Jersey milk with glorious high protein levels in every bottle!

Our 'free range' Jersey cows spend most of the year grazing out on our lush paddocks, right in the heart of the Devon countryside. In the winter when its just too wet and cold, the cows are housed and fed silage (pickled grass) and hay (dried grass), this protects the cows and our precious paddocks. It's sustainable, natural farming that produces great tasting milk you can compare to nothing else.

Once you have tasted our rich tasty milk, you simply won't want anything else! Our customers absolutely love this milk, both you and old, even the kids steal it.

This is truly a wonderful tasting milk and we use it every day for our selves.

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